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Ceramic Hob Scraper Replacement Blades - Pack of 10 - 50284158008
A pack of 10 replacement blades for your ceramic hob top scraper. Removes burnt on food residue and stubborn stains easily and without ri...
Part number : 50284158008
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Universal Extendable Oven Shelf - 9029792224
This universal extendable oven shelf is perfect if you need more shelf space in your oven.The shelf measures 315mm in depth and extends i...
Part number : 9029792224
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Extendable Oven Tray - 9029792752
This universal baking tray has an adjustable width to fit every kind of oven. It is Teflon coated to give a great non stick surface. Dime...
Part number : 9029792752
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Magic Plate - 4055066171
Grill, bake and fry inside your oven without stains and odours. Made of aluminium alloy the iPinium plate absorbs heat which is released ...
Part number : 4055066171
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MINIBEND Flame Gas Lighter - 50290691000
If you need to, or simply prefer to light your cooker by hand, you don't want to burn yourself. Keep your hand at a safe distance with th...
Part number : 50290691000
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Oven Thermometer - 50294201004
Using this oven thermometer will give you an accurate guide when using your oven controls and when cooking mean in the oven. This thermom...
Part number : 50294201004
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Oven Steam Cooking Kit - 4055071379
This kit is an accessory for our new ovens with a steam cooking option. It allows you to steam food in your oven which is a quick and hea...
Part number : 4055071379
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Stone Bake Pizza Board and Paddle - 3579265012
Get an authentic stone baked pizza in any oven with this board and paddle.The board helps transfer quick and even heat to the pizza, ensu...
Part number : 3579265012
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Pizza Stone Set - 9029792760
Convert your cooker into a stone pizza oven with this kit and get perfectly crispy pizza every time. Works equally well with home made an...
Part number : 9029792760
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Deluxe® Steaming Set - 9403043327
Made for professional chefs, this high quality stainless steel steamware kit allows steam to circulate around the food for fast, even coo...
Part number : 9403043327
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Infinite Plancha Grill - 9441893261
Extra-large Plancha grill for induction hobs with Electrolux bridge-mode where two zones are linked to create a larger area. Stur...
Part number : 9441893261
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Gemline Grill - 9441893279
For professional-style grilling with the Modular Induction Hob, the Gem Grill provides an extra-large surface with a long lasting...
Part number : 9441893279
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Infinite Wok Set - 9441893287
The sculptural Infinite Wok, brings the clean, energy-efficient sophistication of induction technology to wok cooking. The ingenious ...
Part number : 9441893287
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Sous-Vide Flavour Bags - 9029793941
Like all the best kitchens, we insist on the highest food grade. SousVide bags for the purest possible results.25 30 x 20 cm bags25 35 X ...
Part number : 9029793941
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Oven Meat Thermometer - 3051760217
Using this thermometer will give you more accurate guidance when setting the oven controls and when cooking meat in the oven.
Part number : 3051760217
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Baking Sheets - Pack of 2 - 9029792836
Non stick Tefex® baking sheets. Replace disposable baking parchment and aluminium foil with these sheets that are reusable more than...
Part number : 9029792836
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Egg Shaped Cooking Timer - 9029792364
This satin finished metal cooking timer will look stylish in any kitchen. Simply turn the clockwise to the 60 minute marker, then turn an...
Part number : 9029792364
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Analogic Meat Thermometer - 9029792851
Using a meat thermometer will give you more accurate guidance when setting the oven controls and when cooking meat in the oven. The range...
Part number : 9029792851
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