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Electronics & Timers for Zanussi Cookers, Ovens & Hobs

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Fan Motor Thermal Cut-Out - 3872079029
Modern cookers are fitted with various safety-thermostats to stop the appliance from accidentally overheating and causing fire. While thi...
Part number : 3872079029
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White Timer Button - 3304630027
This replacement white button measures 20.3mm in length is for the timer controls on the control panel of your oven.
Part number : 3304630027
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Cooker Impulse Generator - 3570694020
This replacement part generates an electrical impulse to spark and ignite the gas in your oven. If yours is broken or faulty, it is possi...
Part number : 3570694020
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Cooker Fine Fuse - 10AT - 1531234019
This fine 10AT fine fuse is located on the holder by the transformer in your cooker.
Part number : 1531234019
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Cooker Hotplate Timer - 1509301006
This switch is responsible for controlling the timer functions for the hotplates on your hob. If your timer has stopped functioning corre...
Part number : 1509301006
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Cooker Wired Heat Switch - 3116724000
If your cooker fails to heat up, you may have to replace the heat switch. This switch is complete with wires and is located behind the co...
Part number : 3116724000
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Cooker Spark Generator - 3116991013
The spark generator box produces a small electrical charge to light the burners in your oven.
Part number : 3116991013
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Cooker Configured Electronic Board - 3300360066
This configured electronic board controls electrical functions in your cooker. If some or all of your electrical functions have ceased wo...
Part number : 3300360066
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Oven Switch - 3303292001
If your oven fails to heat up, you may have to replace the switch. All switches are located behind the control panel.
Part number : 3303292001
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Main Oven Front Switch - 3490439019
The switch receives electric signals from the thermostat and passes them to the control panel to determine when the oven reaches the righ...
Part number : 3490439019
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Oven Energy Regulator - 3150788234
If one of the hob burners on your cooker stopped heating up, you might have to replace the energy regulator. This single energy regulator...
Part number : 3150788234
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Cooker Ignition Spark Plug - 3577348034
If your hob burners aren't lighting, there might be a problem with your ignition spark plug. This replacement plug measures 500mm in leng...
Part number : 3577348034
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Oven Programme Set - 3578579074
This electrical programmer unit allows you to select oven functions and temperature, and set the clock and timer. If yours is faulty it c...
Part number : 3578579074
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Cooker Flame Safety Device - 3590706044
Part of the gas burner, the flame safety device detects if the flame goes out and shuts off the supply of gas, making it a very important...
Part number : 3590706044
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Oven Selector Switch - 3721461014
Ensure you are always in complete control of your oven by having a working selector switch. This sits behind the control panel of your co...
Part number : 3721461014
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2 Button Electronic Oven Timer - 3871260042
Monitor your cooking time with this replacement oven clock assembly, which is located on the control panel.
Part number : 3871260042
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20 Watt Halogen Oven Light Transformer - 3871759019
Ensure your oven's light doesn't receive too much power and cause it to blow with this replacement transformer. Transformers change the e...
Part number : 3871759019
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Cooker Timer Assembly - 3872108612
If the timer function in your cooker has malfunctioned or stopped working entirely, you may need to replace your timer assembly. This par...
Part number : 3872108612
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Cooker Timer Assembly - 3872108729
If the timer function in your cooker has ceased to work correctly, then you may have a problem with your timer assembly. Situated behind ...
Part number : 3872108729
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Oven Function Selector Switch - 3570840037
This switch controls the programme functions for your oven. If your selector switch is malfunctioning and preventing you from changing yo...
Part number : 3570840037
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