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Feet & Housing for Zanussi Cookers, Ovens & Hobs

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Cooker Neon Lamp Holder - 572342989009
This lamp holder sits behind the control panel of your cooker and houses the neon indicator bulb. If your lamp holder is loose or broken,...
Part number : 572342989009
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Adjustable Cooker Foot - 3877735013
Ensure your appliance is level and stable by replacing any broken or missing feet.
Part number : 3877735013
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Hob Pan Support Buffer Kit - 50272043006
These handy buffer feet attach to the bottom of your pan support grids to provide cushioning and to prevent scratches on the ceramic surf...
Part number : 50272043006
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Black Cooker Leg - 50277149006
This leg is located underneath your cooker, supporting the weight of the appliance, and keeping it from damaging your floor. Like a table...
Part number : 50277149006
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Cooker Fixing Screw - Pack of 10 - 50277322009
If you've noticed some of the housing around your cooker is coming loose, it may be due to worn down fixing screws; fortunately this pack...
Part number : 50277322009
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Microwave Oven Locking Device Angle Spring - 50293762006
If the oven door isn't closing properly, and keeps springing open, then you may have a loose or damaged angle spring; fortunately this sp...
Part number : 50293762006
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Oven Door Zinc Plated Fixing Screw - 50293784000
Ensure your oven door stays secured in place with this replacement zinc-plated fixing screw.
Part number : 50293784000
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Barbecue Refractory Plate - 50298836003
This replacement refractory plate measures 182.8 x 87.3 x 9.3 mm and is for your gas barbecue.
Part number : 50298836003
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PACTAN Heat-Resistant Silicone Sealant - 150ml - 4006064820
This PACTAN silicone glue is a great part to have around the house. It's high-temperature resistant and the silicone gives it an extra st...
Part number : 4006064820
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Oven Installation Kit - 4055046322
This kit is for safely installing your built in double oven in your kitchen. The kit includes: 2x support 2x side support...
Part number : 4055046322
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Hob Pan Support Foot - 4055072963
This handy foot attaches to the bottom of the pan support grids to cushion them and stop them scratching the hob surface. This is a singl...
Part number : 4055072963
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Oven Door Fixing Screw - M4X55 - 4055111696
If your oven door doesn't feel as secured together as it normally does, and there's noticeable differences in the fixings, it sounds like...
Part number : 4055111696
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Microwave Top Panel - 4055127064
This panel is part of the chassis of your combi microwave, it covers the top of the appliance.
Part number : 4055127064
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Oven Telescopic Runner Set - 5611853127
Years of regularly sliding shelves in and out of your oven can result in damage to your telescopic runners. This complete replacement set...
Part number : 5611853127
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Hob Support Bar - 5612950005
A bent or broken hob support bar needn't stop you from using your cooker to its full potential. This replacement part inserts simply into...
Part number : 5612950005
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Fridge Ventilation Grate - 499942621
This white ventilation grid is for your refrigerator and is adjustable from 55-60cm.
Part number : 499942621
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Oven Shelf Grill Fixing Ring Nut - 50025536009
This ring nut is for securing the shelf support grills to the side walls of your oven cavity.
Part number : 50025536009
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Oven Element Screw Retainer - 8996619257059
This replacement screw retainer is for the element in your oven. If yours has been damaged, this might be just the part you need.
Part number : 8996619257059
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Aluminium Oven Door Handle - 8996619266431
Save yourself a struggle opening your oven door by replacing that loose door handle.Colour: Aluminium
Part number : 8996619266431
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Oven Door Handle Support - 8996698084978
If your door handle becomes loose or the screws break, this replacement support is perfect for the job. It connects the door handle to th...
Part number : 8996698084978
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