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Feet & Housing for Zanussi Cookers, Ovens & Hobs

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Cooker Neon Lamp Holder - 572342989009
This lamp holder sits behind the control panel of your cooker and houses the neon indicator bulb. If your lamp holder is loose or broken,...
Part number : 572342989009
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Adjustable Cooker Foot - 3877735013
Ensure your appliance is level and stable by replacing any broken or missing feet.
Part number : 3877735013
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Cooker Fixing Screw - Pack of 10 - 50277322009
If you've noticed some of the housing around your cooker is coming loose, it may be due to worn down fixing screws; fortunately this pack...
Part number : 50277322009
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Hob Fixing Kit - 3194172031
This fixing clips are spaced along the edge of the hob, between the work surface, to firmly hold the appliance in place for years to come...
Part number : 3194172031
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Oven Fat Filter - 3530378011
This replacement fat filter is located on the back panel of your oven cavity and keeps the fan and fan oven element clean from the grease...
Part number : 3530378011
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Fast Grill Heating Element - 3490283029
If your grill is no longer heating up properly the usual culprit is a faulty grill heating element.
Part number : 3490283029
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Steam Cooker Water Outlet Valve Actuator - 3558053017
This replacement actuator is for the water drain valve for steam function in your oven.
Part number : 3558053017
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Oven Turnspit - 3577283058
The grill spit is great for roasting meat in its own juices. If the skewer part of yours has been lost or damaged you can simply replace ...
Part number : 3577283058
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Hob Cooking Top with Frame - 3870022112
If you've got cracks and scratches on your hob, making it look worn, then you'll be needing a replacement to give your cooker the facelif...
Part number : 3870022112
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Cooker Base Plate - 3870611013
If the base plate of your cooker has been damaged, this replacement might be just what you're looking for.
Part number : 3870611013
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Hob Cooking Top with Frame - 3871968214
If you've got cracks and scratches on your hob, making it look worn, then you'll be needing a replacement to give your cooker the facelif...
Part number : 3871968214
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Oven Rosette Clip - 3872097013
This clip fits and secures the oven shelf runners to the side panel of your oven. If you have a missing one, the supports may become unst...
Part number : 3872097013
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High-Grade Steel Oven Door Ledge Cover - 3872336007
Is the door ledge cover to your oven door damaged, scratched or loose? No need to worry, this replacement high-grade steel spare will hav...
Part number : 3872336007
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Oven Door Upper End Piece - 3555006059
This is the cap that fits on the top ends of your oven door and helps secure the parts together. If yours is missing, split, or feeling a...
Part number : 3555006059
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Cooker Pane Support Buffer Disc - 3556015026
This buffer disc is for the pan support on your cooker's hob. If you have a missing or worn out buffer disc, this replacement part could ...
Part number : 3556015026
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Oven Door Fixing Screw - M4X55 - 4055111696
If your oven door doesn't feel as secured together as it normally does, and there's noticeable differences in the fixings, it sounds like...
Part number : 4055111696
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Microwave Top Panel - 4055127064
This panel is part of the chassis of your combi microwave, it covers the top of the appliance.
Part number : 4055127064
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Hob Pan Support Foot - 4055072963
This handy foot attaches to the bottom of the pan support grids to cushion them and stop them scratching the hob surface. This is a singl...
Part number : 4055072963
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Oven Shelf Grill Fixing Ring Nut - 50025536009
This ring nut is for securing the shelf support grills to the side walls of your oven cavity.
Part number : 50025536009
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Hob Pan Stand Buffer Kit - Pack of 20 - 50268837007
These are the little buffers that fit under the pan stand of your hob and help keep it supported. This is a pack of 20 so it's great to h...
Part number : 50268837007
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