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Door Parts, Hinges & Handles for Zanussi Microwaves

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Microwave Outer Door Frame - 50285828005
Is the outer door on your microwave dented, damaged or discoloured, making it look worn or causing hot air to escape? No need to worry, t...
Part number : 50285828005
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Microwave Oven Door Opening Button - 4006077525
If you've broken the release button for your microwave, opening the door can be an absolutely nightmare. Keep cooking and heating with ea...
Part number : 4006077525
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Microwave Outer Door Glass - 4006093787
Have you got scratches on your outer microwave door glass due to years of hard cleaning? No worries, this replacement will get your appli...
Part number : 4006093787
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Microwave Metal Outer Door Assembly - 4006073599
Is your microwaves outer door discoloured or damaged, making it look old and worn? No need to worry, this replacement will give it the fa...
Part number : 4006073599
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Microwave Internal Door - 4055104881
Is the internal door for your microwave oven built up with grease and food stains, making it difficult to view inside? If so, this replac...
Part number : 4055104881
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Microwave Oven Door Front - 4055111738
If you were cleaning your microwaves front door and it's dropped and smashed, then you'll be needing a new spare to get your appliance lo...
Part number : 4055111738
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Microwave Door Latch - 4055172995
Does your microwave door keep popping open, making it difficult for you to heat your food? No need to worry, this replacement door latch ...
Part number : 4055172995
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Inner Microwave Door Frame - 4006016549
Is your microwaves inner door frame damaged making it difficult for it to shut and also letting heat escape? Then this replacement is for...
Part number : 4006016549
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Microwave Door Assembly - 4055015400
Whether your current door is discoloured, loose, cracked or dented, you can replace it to get your microwave looking and functioning as n...
Part number : 4055015400
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Microwave Door Handle - 4006069332
Is the handle on your microwave door loose or discoloured, or cracked off completely? Either way, the part is available to replace it and...
Part number : 4006069332
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Black Oven Door Handle End Cap - 3193075003
Is your oven door handle bracket split, causing the handle to loosen away from the door? No need to worry, with this replacement part you...
Part number : 3193075003
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Black Plastic Oven Door Handle - 3370680054
By replacing that old, loose or snapped door handle you will be saving yourself a struggle each time you feel like baking.This handle is ...
Part number : 3370680054
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Inox Cooker Door Handle - 3304848009
If you have managed to snap the door handle off your oven, there is no need to buy a new appliance. This replacement inox door handle wil...
Part number : 3304848009
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Door Handle Left Hand Bracket - 3155713047
This black spacer sits between the door handle and the door itself. It fits in the left hand position.
Part number : 3155713047
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Door Handle Right Hand Bracket - 3155713054
This black spacer sits between the door handle and the door itself. It fits in the right hand position.
Part number : 3155713054
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Stainless Steel Oven Door Handle - 3554052070
If your door handle becomes damaged, loose or broken, this horizontal replacement is perfect for the job. It is manufactured in stainless...
Part number : 3554052070
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White Oven Door Handle - 3371951017
Don’t put up with giving yourself sore fingers every time you wish to open the oven door - by replacing the faulty door handle you'll be ...
Part number : 3371951017
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Black Oven Door Handle - 3371951033
There's no need to strain to open the oven door anymore, this replacement black door handle will have you using the cooker as normal agai...
Part number : 3371951033
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Black Door Handle - 3554052013
A broken door handle can be very frustrating; luckily it’s an easy part to replace. This replacement black plastic handle measures 350mm ...
Part number : 3554052013
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Microwave Complete Door Assembly - 4055111688
If you have damaged the door of your microwave, this complete door assembly could be just the part you're looking for.
Part number : 4055111688
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