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Dishwasher Pipe Union Nut - 1509516009
A broken or missing nut can prevent your pipe union from being secured tightly in place within your dishwasher. Luckily, this part is rep...
Part number : 1509516009
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Microwave Fuse Duct - 4006020616
If the fuse duct has split in your microwave and it's causing your appliance to malfunction, then this spare seems like it’s the perfect ...
Part number : 4006020616
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Microwave Support Foot - 4006030490
Ensure your microwave is securely supported when in use to prevent parts jolting around with this replacement support foot.
Part number : 4006030490
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White Mechanics Assembly - 3153586007
Part number : 3153586007
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Oven Door Handle Fixing Screw - 3371080015
A loose oven door handle can make it difficult for you to open the door. Something as simple as replacing the screws could fix that for y...
Part number : 3371080015
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Microwave Circular Cavity Cover - 345211007
This is the disc cover that fits to the side wall in your microwave. If you've noticed yours has become split or damaged, then this could...
Part number : 345211007
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Microwave Door Latch Spring - 50280588000
A broken or missing spring on the door latch of your microwave will affect the leverage and tension needed to be able to open the door pr...
Part number : 50280588000
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Microwave Oven Circular Wire Grill Grid - 4006069373
If you're after a wire grill grid to replace your old, tarnished, dented one, then this is the replacement for you.
Part number : 4006069373
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Black Microwave Front Frame - 4006073557
Is front frame of your microwave cracked? Or is it looking a bit worn from years of use? This replacement black front frame may be exactl...
Part number : 4006073557
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Microwave Motor Holder Screw - 4006077541
If the turntable motor in your microwave is exposed to greases and dust due to the under holder being loose, then it may be time you repl...
Part number : 4006077541
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Microwave Waveguide Cover - 4006093027
If your waveguide cover is burned or broken, it's time to replace it. This wave guide cover will shield the inside working electronic com...
Part number : 4006093027
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Microwave Microswitch Spring Guide - 4006093522
Ensure your microswitch is functioning properly and isn't loose by replacing the loose or missing spring guide.
Part number : 4006093522
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Microwave Microswitch Holder Cam - 4006093548
This is the small cam that's connected to the microswitch holder in your microwave.
Part number : 4006093548
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Microwave Roller Ring - 4006093621
If the roller ring in your microwave is damaged or the wheels are jammed, then this is the replacement part to get your plate rotating as...
Part number : 4006093621
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Microwave Door Clutch - 4006093738
There are one of these hooks located at both the right and left hand top corners of your microwave door frame. They ensure that the door ...
Part number : 4006093738
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Microwave Leg - 4055015517
This is the leg that fits underneath your microwave and supports it. It also prevents the underneath of your appliance overheating and bu...
Part number : 4055015517
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Microwave Door Inner Upper Protection Strip - 4055015541
Part number : 4055015541
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Microwave Door Inner Vertical Protection Strip - 4055015558
Part number : 4055015558
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Microwave Cook Tray Wire Support - H: 70mm - 4055018644
Keep the cooking tray in your microwave at a safe distance from the plate with this 70mm height rack.
Part number : 4055018644
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Microwave Oven Front Door Frame - 4055036828
Is your microwaves front door frame cracked or discoloured, making your appliance look old and worn? No need to worry, with this replacem...
Part number : 4055036828
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