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Electronics & PCB's for Zanussi Dishwashers

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Dishwasher Level Pressure Switch - 1528189028
This pressure switch measures the amount of water which fills your dishwasher.
Part number : 1528189028
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Dishwasher Pressure Switch Mount - 1171241001
This piece houses the water level pressure switch and the safety pressure switch in your dishwasher.
Part number : 1171241001
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Dishwasher Support Pressure Sensor - 1119495008
If the support pressure sensor inside your dishwasher has started to malfunction, you can simply get it replaced. This spare part will ha...
Part number : 1119495008
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Dishwasher Fill Valve - 1170958209
This electric inlet valve sits at the back of your dishwasher, where the water supply enters. It controls the flow of water into the mach...
Part number : 1170958209
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Dishwasher Drying Activator - 1171458233
This is a replacement drying activator for your dishwasher. If your drying activator has ceased functioning correctly, this replacement p...
Part number : 1171458233
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Dishwasher Interference Suppressor - 1526204027
This part suppresses any electrical interference or noise that may occur when the dishwasher is in use.
Part number : 1526204027
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Dishwasher Drainage Hose Ventilation Valve - 1509575104
This is a replacement drainage hose ventilation valve for your dishwasher. If your valve has become damaged or broken, this spare part co...
Part number : 1509575104
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Dishwasher Two Button Switch - 1520063023
This switch sits behind the control panel in your dishwasher and helps you to select functions. If yours is broken or faulty, it can be r...
Part number : 1520063023
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Dishwasher Safety Pressure Switch - 1528189127
This pressure switch works as a safety device to prevent overfilling of your dishwasher.
Part number : 1528189127
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Dishwasher Electronic Valve - IWMS 2 - 1529746701
This valve fits on to the decalcifier unit in your dishwasher. Its used to control water and pressure levels in your appliance.
Part number : 1529746701
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Dishwasher Microswitch Float - 1551329004
Is your dishwasher overfilling or not fully filling? In either case, it usually means that the float is faulty and will need to be replac...
Part number : 1551329004
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Dishwasher Inlet Valve - 1551334004
If your dishwasher is filling the tub with water, although the appliance is not in use, or not taking in any water when required, you mig...
Part number : 1551334004
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Dishwasher Junction Box - 1521594000
The junction box houses the electrical connections in your dishwasher.
Part number : 1521594000
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Dishwasher Electronic Control Unit - 1110994892
If your dishwasher doesn't function as it used to, and it's not selecting certain settings, then you may have a problem with the main ele...
Part number : 1110994892
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Dishwasher PCB - 1111423065
The electronic module is the brain of your dishwasher. The module can be programmed using buttons (sold separately) on the front of the d...
Part number : 1111423065
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Dishwasher Electronic Input Module - 1111423255
The electronic is the brains behind your dishwasher, controlling the electronic functions. Replacing a faulty module could have your dish...
Part number : 1111423255
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Dishwasher Display PCB Assembly - 1111424337
This display board assembly sits behind the control panel of your dishwasher. The buttons on the control panel are pushed against this bo...
Part number : 1111424337
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Dishwasher Display PCB Assembly - 1111425714
This display board assembly sits behind the control panel of your dishwasher. If your PCB is malfunctioning, this replacement part could ...
Part number : 1111425714
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Dishwasher Input PCB - 1111426035
The printed circuit board is the brains behind your dishwasher, controlling the electronic functions. Replacing a faulty PCB could have y...
Part number : 1111426035
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Dishwasher Output PCB Assembly - 1111426506
The output printed circuit board is part of the brains behind your dishwasher, controlling some of the electronic functions. Replacing a ...
Part number : 1111426506
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