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Feet & Housing for Zanussi Dishwashers

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Dishwasher Screw - 50286439000
Replacement dishwasher screw to keep everything in place. Type - AF CP 4X40 TSP
Part number : 50286439000
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Dishwasher Aluminium Cover Sheet - 1525001002
If there's a tear in the cover sheet, or the aluminium has worn down then this replacement part is ideal for you.
Part number : 1525001002
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Dishwasher Base Panel - 1118676012
This panel sits just below the door on your dishwasher. If yours has been scratched or dented, replacing it can have your appliance looki...
Part number : 1118676012
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Upper Dishwasher Basket Rubber Spikes - 1119349106
This is the rubber spike rack that fits in the upper basket of your dishwasher and helps to grip the cups in place, preventing them from ...
Part number : 1119349106
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Rubber Dishwasher Spikes - 1119349205
These rubber dishwasher spikes insert into the top dishwasher basket, allowing items to be stood upright during the wash cycle. Heat and ...
Part number : 1119349205
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Dishwasher Control Panel Rear Frame - 1118899002
This is the rear half frame that your dishwashers electronic board fits in to. If its coming loose, or has become damaged, then this repl...
Part number : 1118899002
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Dishwasher Water Sump Assembly - 1119151072
The sump assembly helps to control the flow of water into the drain pump of your dishwasher. If it's broken or cracked, it can mean that ...
Part number : 1119151072
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Dishwasher Top Fixing Bracket - 1172870014
This top fixing bracket keeps the side panel and trimming attached to your dishwasher.
Part number : 1172870014
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Dishwasher Nylon Rope - 1171315003
This replacement nylon rope is for the hinge mechanism in your dishwasher door that stops it from falling down when it is open.
Part number : 1171315003
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Dishwasher Central Foot Guidance Rail - 1173633007
This is a replacement central foot guidance rail for your dishwasher. If you have bent or broken your guidance rail, this spare part coul...
Part number : 1173633007
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Dishwasher Built-In Template - ESL64052 - 1170632051
Ensure you're properly guided when fitting a built-on unit in your kitchen by having the correct templates - like this one here.Code: ESL...
Part number : 1170632051
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Dishwasher Complete Float Support - 1172731026
If you notice that your dishwasher is not filling and draining properly, you might have to replace the float support.
Part number : 1172731026
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Dishwasher Central Adjustable Foot - 1173632009
This adjustable central foot allows you to alter the height of your dishwasher. By turning the screw, the supporting feet of the applianc...
Part number : 1173632009
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White Dishwasher Kick Plate - 1118407020
If your dishwasher is missing its plinth, this replacement is perfect for the job. It sits below the door and is manufactured in white co...
Part number : 1118407020
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Dishwasher Keyboard Support - 1520645019
Keep your keyboard properly supported and able to function properly with this replacement support.
Part number : 1520645019
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Adjustable Dishwasher Foot - 1520664101
A wobbly dishwasher can be very noisy and can move about excessively. Ensure your appliance is level and stable by replacing any broken o...
Part number : 1520664101
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Dishwasher Cutlery Basket Bracket - 1524540208
This bracket sits on top of the small cutlery basket in your dishwasher. It separates the cutlery allowing it to be washed more effective...
Part number : 1524540208
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Dishwasher Ventilation Grill - 1526272107
This ventilation grill is located over the ventilation outlet on the container cup in your dishwasher. If your ventilation grill has beco...
Part number : 1526272107
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Silver Dishwasher Plinth - 1526418056
If your dishwasher is missing its plinth, this replacement is perfect for the job. It is located below the door and is manufactured in a ...
Part number : 1526418056
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Front Dishwasher Adjustable Foot - 1526617020
This front foot is used to adjust the height of your dishwasher. When turned, it raises or lowers your appliance, so you can ensure your ...
Part number : 1526617020
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