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Electronics & PCB's for Zanussi Fridges & Freezers

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Freezer PCB - 2082948650
This printed circuit board (PCB) controls many of the electrical functions of your freezer. If the PCB fails, your freezer may completely...
Part number : 2082948650
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Freezer Complete PCB Assembly - 2082948841
Are you finding that the electrical features on your fridge are not working properly or at all? Usually this means there is a fault with ...
Part number : 2082948841
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Freezer Printed Circuit Board - 2082948882
If the electrical features of your freezer are failing, usually this means the circuit board is faulty. Replacing the PCB could be just w...
Part number : 2082948882
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Fridge / Freezer Flat Cable - 2085026017
If the flat cable for your fridge/freezer has become worn-down or split, you can simply have it replaced. This spare part will have your ...
Part number : 2085026017
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Refrigerator Printed Circuit Board - 2057239226
The circuit board in any appliance is an essential part for it running perfectly. If the PCB has become faulty then it could cause many o...
Part number : 2057239226
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Freezer Running Capacitor - 2003618986
If the motor in your freezer is having difficulty starting up, you may have a problem with your running capacitor. This replacement runni...
Part number : 2003618986
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Refrigerator Heating Element - 2042681011
If the food in your fridge / freezer is getting frozen or spoiled, you may have to replace the heating element. The heater in your applia...
Part number : 2042681011
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Refrigerator PCB - 960016590
This printed circuit board (PCB) controls many of the electrical functions of your fridge. Replacing a faulty PCB could have your fridge ...
Part number : 960016590
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1200W Hob Electric Plate - 3890855095
If one of the hotplates on your electric hob is no longer heating up properly, it can be replaced. This replacement element has the follo...
Part number : 3890855095
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Fridge Freezer PCB Service Kit - 4055007894
The printed circuit board is the brains behind your fridge freezer, controlling the electronic functions. Replacing a faulty PCB could ha...
Part number : 4055007894
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Refrigerator Electronic Service Kit - 4055010708
This is the electronic service board that is attached to the control and display board in your refrigerator.
Part number : 4055010708
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Fridge Complete PCB - 2082948254
This printed circuit board controls many of the electrical functions of your fridge. If the PCB fails, your fridge may completely lose fu...
Part number : 2082948254
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Upright Freezer Microswitch - 2085525034
Has the microswitch for your upright freezer began to malfunction? If so, you can simply have it replaced. This spare part will have your...
Part number : 2085525034
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Freezer Defrost Heater - 2085582027
If you've got a faulty defrost heater it could be harmful to your appliance. The defrost heater prevents your fridge freezer from over-fr...
Part number : 2085582027
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Refrigerator Conductor - 2086034028
This conductor cable serves the electronic PCB (printed circuit board) of your refrigerator.
Part number : 2086034028
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Freezer Display - 2063987099
This display can be found at the very top front of your freezer. It comes complete with three coloured signal lamps.
Part number : 2063987099
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Refrigerator Air Probe - 2085611099
Fridges and freezers are reliant on thermostats, sensors, and probes to keep the correct temperature inside the appliance. This is one of...
Part number : 2085611099
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Chest Freezer Running Capacitor - 2003618978
If the motor in your freezer is struggling to start up, then you may have a faulty capacitor. Capacitors are used to give the motor a kic...
Part number : 2003618978
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Grey Refrigerator Release Button - 2054345075
If you have lost one of the push buttons on the control panel of your fridge, this grey replacement is probably just what you need to get...
Part number : 2054345075
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Fridge/Freezer Transformer - 2080141035
Having a faulty transformer means the require electrical current to run your appliance is probably not going to run through the magnetron...
Part number : 2080141035
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