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Accessories for Zanussi Tumble Dryers

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Dryer Balls - 9029791861
The dryer balls use specially designed nodes to physically break down the stiffness created by water drying in fabric, thus softening lau...
Part number : 9029791861
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Anti-vibration Pads - 9029795243
A universal smart accessory that reduces the noise and vibrations from your washing machine and tumble dryer.The ultra-flat pads protect ...
Part number : 9029795243
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Universal Tumble Dryer Indoor Vent Kit - 50294700005
This kit is ideal for electrical vented dryers where outdoor outlet is not possible. The tank collects lint and condensation, thus avoidi...
Part number : 50294700005
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Soft Care Dryer sheets - 9029793198
These disposable sheets help to soften and scent your laundry, and make it easier to iron. They are easy to use: simply pop a sheet i...
Part number : 9029793198
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Super Absorbent Sponge - 1123445007
This PVA sponge is great for absorbing liquid spills from carpets, furniture, floors, kitchen work surfaces etc. It is ideal for use in t...
Part number : 1123445007
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Washer / Dryer Stacking Kit - 50109212008005
This front load laundry stacking kit enables you to safely and firmly stack your dryer on top of your washing machine, giving you valuabl...
Part number : 50109212008005
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Condenser Dryer Drain Kit - 9029793388
This handy kit is designed to empty water from your condenser dryer, by draining it directly into a sink, U-bend or drain. You will no lo...
Part number : 9029793388
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Dryer Stacking Kit with Shelf - 9029792885
This kit allows you to stack your tumble dryer on top of your washing machine safely, giving you more floor space. The sliding shelf give...
Part number : 9029792885
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Tumble Dryer Kit - 506003134000
Part number : 506003134000
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