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Electronics, PCB's & Capacitors for Zanussi Tumble Dryers

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Washing Machine Programme Selector - 1086780010
This is the programme selector that fits behind the control panel on your washing machine and the knob fits onto it. So, if you're having...
Part number : 1086780010
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Tumble Dryer Electronic Board - 1120990088
This electronic board is positioned behind the control panel of your tumble dryer. When the buttons are pressed, this board relays the co...
Part number : 1120990088
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Tumble Dryer Electronic Earth - 1120990393
This earth can be found at the rear of the appliance, screwed or bolted to the chassis, it protects the user against electrical shocks or...
Part number : 1120990393
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Tumble Dryer Electronic Card with Holder - 1120990732
Having a faulty circuit board could mean many of the electrical parts of your appliance will stop working. Luckily replacements are at ha...
Part number : 1120990732
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Tumble Dryer Carbon Brush Holder - 1120991029
Carbon brushes require a support or holder to keep the brush held securely to the motor. A damaged brush holder could cause the motor in ...
Part number : 1120991029
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Tumble Dryer Earth Carbon Brush - 1123438101
This job of this carbon brush is to earth the drum of your tumble dryer. Carbon brushes are designed to wear down over time as they are i...
Part number : 1123438101
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Condenser Dryer White 3-Way Motor Pump Cover - 1123520007
If there are cracks or splits in the cover for the 3-way pump in your tumble dryer then it may cause it to become exposed to harmful leak...
Part number : 1123520007
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Condenser Dryer Pump Holder Support Cover - 1123520106
Part number : 1123520106
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Tumble Dryer Electronic Control Unit - 1125370302
Are the functions on your dryer lacking in performance? Then a replacement electronic unit could be the answer to those problems.This spa...
Part number : 1125370302
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Tumble Dryer Switch - 1125375004
This switch is placed behind the knob of your dryer. A faulty switch will mean that wrong function will be selected, or rather, no functi...
Part number : 1125375004
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Tumble Dryer Electronic Board - 1125380145
If some or all of the electrical parts in your tumble dryer are malfunction, the likely culprit is the control board. This replacement pa...
Part number : 1125380145
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Tumble Dryer Contact Brush - 1125388106
If you require a replacement contact brush for your tumble dryer, this could be just the part for you.
Part number : 1125388106
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Tumble Dryer Mains Cable with Connection Box - 1125389120
Having a damaged connection box will likely mean your dryer won't start up. This replacement connection box fits at the rear of your drye...
Part number : 1125389120
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Tumble Dryer Carbon Brush - 1125478006
Carbon brushes are designed to wear down over time as they are in constant contact with moving parts. When this brush does wear down it w...
Part number : 1125478006
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16µF Capacitor - 1240344125
If your appliance drum doesn’t rotate, but can still be turned by hand, you might have to replace the capacitor. This capacitor initiates...
Part number : 1240344125
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Washing Machine Capacitor - 18uF - 1240344612
If your washing machine drum is failing to spin when turned on, but you are still able to manually rotate the drum by hand, then you may ...
Part number : 1240344612
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Tumble Dryer Capacitor - 1250020227
If the motor in your tumble dryer won't start, you may need to replace the capacitor, as this is the part that initiates the motor....
Part number : 1250020227
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Tumble Dryer 8uF Interference Capacitor - 1250020334
This part suppresses any electrical interference or noise that may occur when the dryer is in use.
Part number : 1250020334
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5mF Tumble Dryer Motor Capacitor - 1250020516
If the motor on your tumble dryer isn't starting, it is likely that the capacitor is damaged. Replacing it with this 5mF capacitor could ...
Part number : 1250020516
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Tumble Dryer 2uF Relay Capacitor - 1250020813
The job of the capacitor is to initiate the motor in your tumble dryer. So, if power is going to the motor and the drive belt is in good ...
Part number : 1250020813
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