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Electronics, PCB's & Capacitors for Zanussi Tumble Dryers

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Tumble Dryer Configured Circuit Board - 973916096092028
If some, or all of the electrical parts within your tumble dryer are malfunctioning, then the likely culprit is the circuit board. This r...
Part number : 973916096092028
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Tumble Dryer Configured Electronic Control - 973916096427000
If some, or all of the electrical settings are malfunctioning or not working at all on your tumble dryer, then its likely you need a new ...
Part number : 973916096427000
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Dishwasher Capacitor - 8996461337306
The capacitor is an essential part for the functioning of your dishwasher. Motors won't start on their own so capacitors are used as a bo...
Part number : 8996461337306
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Tumble Dryer Carbon Brush Holder - 8996470716805
Carbon brushes are a very commonly replaced spare for all types of appliance motors. They require a support or holder to keep the brush h...
Part number : 8996470716805
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Tumble Dryer Electronic Earth - 1120990393
This earth can be found at the rear of the appliance, screwed or bolted to the chassis, it protects the user against electrical shocks or...
Part number : 1120990393
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Condenser Dryer White 3-Way Motor Pump Cover - 1123520007
If there are cracks or splits in the cover for the 3-way pump in your tumble dryer then it may cause it to become exposed to harmful leak...
Part number : 1123520007
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Tumble Dryer Electronic Control Unit - 1125370302
Are the functions on your dryer lacking in performance? Then a replacement electronic unit could be the answer to those problems.This spa...
Part number : 1125370302
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Tumble Dryer Electronic Board - 1125380145
If some or all of the electrical parts in your tumble dryer are malfunction, the likely culprit is the control board. This replacement pa...
Part number : 1125380145
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Tumble Dryer Contact Brush - 1125388106
If you require a replacement contact brush for your tumble dryer, this could be just the part for you.
Part number : 1125388106
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Tumble Dryer Mains Cable with Connection Box - 1125389120
Having a damaged connection box will likely mean your dryer won't start up. This replacement connection box fits at the rear of your drye...
Part number : 1125389120
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Tumble Dryer Sensor Brush - 8996470716300
This replacement brush fits inside the drum of your tumble dryer and is for sensing moisture. If yours is faulty then your dryer may eith...
Part number : 8996470716300
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Tumble Dryer 8uF Interference Capacitor - 1250020334
This part suppresses any electrical interference or noise that may occur when the dryer is in use.
Part number : 1250020334
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Tumble Dryer Condenser Assembly - 1251063168
The condenser is where the steam from your tumble dryer is converted to water so that it can be drained from your machine. A crack in it,...
Part number : 1251063168
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Tumble Dryer 150 min Timer - 1251106231
The timer unit sits behind the timer knob on the control panel of your tumble dryer and controls how long the dryer runs for. If there is...
Part number : 1251106231
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Tumble Dryer Condensation Pump - 1258349206
The condensation pump is for pumping out the water which has been removed from the hot moist air in your condenser dryer.
Part number : 1258349206
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Tumble Dryer Motor Control Card - 1360057010
This is the replacement PCB for the motor control in your dryer. If you've noticed the card has burnt out, or become damaged, then this i...
Part number : 1360057010
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Tumble Dryer Interference Suppressor - 1360160004
The tumble dryer interference suppressor filter reduces electrical interference and noise that may generate when the appliance is in use....
Part number : 1360160004
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Tumble Dryer Cable - 1252024102
This cable can be found behind the front panel of your tumble dryer.
Part number : 1252024102
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Tumble Dryer Push Button - 1251182000
Has your tumble dryers push button come loose and rolled under another kitchen appliance? Then this sounds like the ideal replacement par...
Part number : 1251182000
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Tumble Dryer Capacitor - 1506651023
The capacitor is an essential electrical component within your tumble dryer and is responsible for starting the motor which rotates the d...
Part number : 1506651023
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