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Feet & Housing for Zanussi Tumble Dryers

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Tumble Dryer Heat Exchanger Lock - 4071362372
This lock is part of the condenser container, located at the very bottom of your tumble dryer. The container captures the moisture from t...
Part number : 4071362372
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Tumble Dryer Side Panel Bolt - 8996698076388
This bolt is for the panel that can be found on the side of your tumble dryer. It is an important piece of the support frame, to hold the...
Part number : 8996698076388
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Tumble Dryer Rear Fan Wheel Clamp - 8996698076446
This clamp holds the rear fan wheel in place on the spindle of the motor in your tumble dryer.
Part number : 8996698076446
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Anti-vibration Pads - 9029795243
A universal smart accessory that reduces the noise and vibrations from your washing machine and tumble dryer.The ultra-flat pads protect ...
Part number : 9029795243
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Tumble Dryer Rubber Motor Bracket - 8996470726812
This is the circular rubber bracket that fits in between the motor and the motor spacer in your tumble dryer. If yours has split, or is r...
Part number : 8996470726812
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Right Hand Tumble Dryer Kickplate Support - 8996471336900
The kickplate is located at the front base of your dryer, this support holds it securely in place.
Part number : 8996471336900
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Left Hand Tumble Dryer Kickplate Support - 8996471337007
The kickplate is located at the front base of your dryer, this support holds it securely in place.
Part number : 8996471337007
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Tumble Dryer Base Panel - 8996471468224
This panel fits at the front of your tumble dryer’s base. It allows access to the condenser.
Part number : 8996471468224
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Tumble Dryer Heat Exchanger - 8996474080737
The heat exchanger of your tumble dryer takes the steam produced during the drying process and turns it back into water. It is recommende...
Part number : 8996474080737
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Tumble Dryer Spring Ring - 10mm - 1051690467
This is the replacement spring ring for the drum assembly in your tumble dryer - a perfect replacement if yours is worn or missing.Dimens...
Part number : 1051690467
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Tumble Dryer Condensation Hose - 1120990427
A cracked hose can mean water leaks into the electrical components of your tumble dryer, causing it to malfunction. This replacement cond...
Part number : 1120990427
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Tumble Dryer Damping Cover Nozzle - 1123194001
This is the rounded nozzle that fits in front of the damping cover at the base of your tumble dryer. If yours is loose or damaged, this m...
Part number : 1123194001
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Tumble Dryer Damping Cover - 1123199000
This cover fits over the fan blade to prevent any potential blockages. If yours is currently broken, you may be experiencing loud noises ...
Part number : 1123199000
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Tumble Dryer Ventilator - 1258600004
If the ventilator in your tumble dryer no longer works, this could be just the part you're looking for.
Part number : 1258600004
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Tumble Dryer Thermostat Mount - 1258744000
This mount secures the thermostat of your tumble dryer in place.
Part number : 1258744000
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Appliance Foot - 1250119029
A wobbly appliance can be very noisy and can move about excessively. Ensure your appliance is level and stable by replacing any broken or...
Part number : 1250119029
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Tumble Dryer Door Hinge Cover - 1254252024
This plastic cover protects the hinge on your tumble dryer door.
Part number : 1254252024
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Tumble Dryer Basement Drawer - 1366343018
This is a replacement basement drawer for your tumble dryer and comes in a white finish. If your basement drawer has become cracked or br...
Part number : 1366343018
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Tumble Dryer Red Canopy Plug - 1506147006
This is the red plug that is located on the underside of your dryers rear condenser unit. If yours is missing, this is the spare for you....
Part number : 1506147006
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Tumble Dryer Kick plate Door - 1251088066
This is the outer door of the kick plate panel on your tumble dryer. If yours has snapped off and parts are exposed, then this is the rep...
Part number : 1251088066
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