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Feet & Housing for Zanussi Tumble Dryers

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Washing Machine Door Bolt - 1051143012
This K5x16 Torx bolt is positioned on the door of your washing machine, keeping the inner and outer sections bonded together.
Part number : 1051143012
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Tumble Dryer Roller Lock Washer - 1051690459
This is a replacement washer for the roller lock situated behind your dryers motor. If yours is missing, then some parts may not be secur...
Part number : 1051690459
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Tumble Dryer Spring Ring - 10mm - 1051690467
This is the replacement spring ring for the drum assembly in your tumble dryer - a perfect replacement if yours is worn or missing.Dimens...
Part number : 1051690467
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Dryer Work Top - 1108189034
Maximise bench space with this tumble dryer work top. Simply fits over the top cover plate of your dryer.
Part number : 1108189034
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Tumble Dryer Condensation Container Slide-In Unit - 1120021587
This is the plastic unit that the sliding condensation container slots into your dryer.
Part number : 1120021587
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Tumble Dryer Condensation Hose - 1120990427
A cracked hose can mean water leaks into the electrical components of your tumble dryer, causing it to malfunction. This replacement cond...
Part number : 1120990427
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Tumble Dryer Tension Spring - 1123171009
This spring stops your drum from jolting when spinning during the dry cycle and ensures the belt fits firmly around the drum to ensure sm...
Part number : 1123171009
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Tumble Dryer Damping Cover Nozzle - 1123194001
This is the rounded nozzle that fits in front of the damping cover at the base of your tumble dryer. If yours is loose or damaged, this m...
Part number : 1123194001
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Tumble Dryer Damping Cover - 1123199000
This cover fits over the fan blade to prevent any potential blockages. If yours is currently broken, you may be experiencing loud noises ...
Part number : 1123199000
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Tumble Dryer Door Lock - 1123410001
A broken door locking mechanism can make it tricky, if not impossible, to open and close the door. Luckily they are replaceable.
Part number : 1123410001
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Tumble Dryer Wall Duct Kit - 6000216009
If you've noticed condensation building up in your tumble dryer due to a damaged or blocked vent, then this replacement kit is likely per...
Part number : 6000216009
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Washing Machine Door Spring - 1240673002
This spring sits in the door stopper on your washing machine. If yours is damaged, it is best to replace it.
Part number : 1240673002
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Tumble Dryer Plinth - 1251087050
This grated plinth sits in the front bottom right corner of your tumble dryer. The plinth is secured to the appliance with a catch, which...
Part number : 1251087050
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Tumble Dryer Kick plate Door - 1251088066
This is the outer door of the kick plate panel on your tumble dryer. If yours has snapped off and parts are exposed, then this is the rep...
Part number : 1251088066
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Tumble Dryer Door Latch Spring - 2170831008
This spring helps to create tension allowing for a smooth and controlled movement of the latch on your tumble dryer's door. If your sprin...
Part number : 2170831008
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Tumble Dryer Tension Spring - 1250015003
The tension spring on your dryer is used between the drum and the motor, allowing the rotation to be smooth. If the spring is broke, your...
Part number : 1250015003
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Tumble Dryer Front Main Motor Fixing Bracket - 1251058002
A damaged or broken front main motor fixing bracket needn't cause any problems. This replacement bracket can be installed with common hou...
Part number : 1251058002
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Tumble Dryer Door Hinge Cover - 1254252024
This plastic cover protects the hinge on your tumble dryer door.
Part number : 1254252024
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Tumble Dryer Ring Nut Stopper - 1255020016
This ring nut stopper is situated on the steam exhaust pipe in your tumble dryer. If your ring nut stopper is damaged or broken, this rep...
Part number : 1255020016
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Tumble Dryer Worktop - 1256917004
Is your tumble dryers work top discoloured or damaged due to years of use? No need to worry; fortunately replacements are available to ha...
Part number : 1256917004
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