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Feet & Housing for Zanussi Tumble Dryers

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Washing Machine Door Spring - 1240673002
This spring sits in the door stopper on your washing machine. If yours is damaged, it is best to replace it.
Part number : 1240673002
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Tumble Dryer Spring Ring - 10mm - 1051690467
This is the replacement spring ring for the drum assembly in your tumble dryer - a perfect replacement if yours is worn or missing.Dimens...
Part number : 1051690467
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Dryer Work Top - 1108189034
Maximise bench space with this tumble dryer work top. Simply fits over the top cover plate of your dryer.
Part number : 1108189034
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Appliance Foot - 1250119029
A wobbly appliance can be very noisy and can move about excessively. Ensure your appliance is level and stable by replacing any broken or...
Part number : 1250119029
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Tumble Dryer Work Top Assembly - 1366130803
If the top cover for your tumble dryer is damaged, broken, or simply looking worn out or discoloured, it can simply be replace. This comp...
Part number : 1366130803
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Tumble Dryer Worktop - 1256917004
Is your tumble dryers work top discoloured or damaged due to years of use? No need to worry; fortunately replacements are available to ha...
Part number : 1256917004
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Tumble Dryer Ventilator - 1258600004
If the ventilator in your tumble dryer no longer works, this could be just the part you're looking for.
Part number : 1258600004
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Tumble Dryer Red Canopy Plug - 1506147006
This is the red plug that is located on the underside of your dryers rear condenser unit. If yours is missing, this is the spare for you....
Part number : 1506147006
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Washing Machine Door Bolt - 1051143012
This K5x16 Torx bolt is positioned on the door of your washing machine, keeping the inner and outer sections bonded together.
Part number : 1051143012
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Tumble Dryer Damping Cover - 1123199000
This cover fits over the fan blade to prevent any potential blockages. If yours is currently broken, you may be experiencing loud noises ...
Part number : 1123199000
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Tumble Dryer Door Lock - 1123410001
A broken door locking mechanism can make it tricky, if not impossible, to open and close the door. Luckily they are replaceable.
Part number : 1123410001
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Tumble Dryer Tension Spring - 1123171009
This spring stops your drum from jolting when spinning during the dry cycle and ensures the belt fits firmly around the drum to ensure sm...
Part number : 1123171009
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Tumble Dryer Heat Exchanger Lock - 4071362372
This lock is part of the condenser container, located at the very bottom of your tumble dryer. The container captures the moisture from t...
Part number : 4071362372
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Anti-vibration Pads - 9029795243
A universal smart accessory that reduces the noise and vibrations from your washing machine and tumble dryer.The ultra-flat pads protect ...
Part number : 9029795243
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Washing Machine/Tumble Dryer Spring - 8996470847600
This is a replacement handle plate spring for the deteregent drawer in your washing machine or the condenser drawer of your tumble dryer....
Part number : 8996470847600
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Tumble Dryer Basement Drawer - 1366343026
This is a replacement basement drawer for your tumble dryer and comes in a white finish. If your basement drawer has become cracked or br...
Part number : 1366343026
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Tumble Dryer Rubber Motor Bracket - 8996470726812
This is the circular rubber bracket that fits in between the motor and the motor spacer in your tumble dryer. If yours has split, or is r...
Part number : 8996470726812
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Tumble Dryer Tension Spring - 8996470777203
This replacement spring is for the sensor brush in your tumble dryer.
Part number : 8996470777203
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Right Hand Tumble Dryer Kickplate Support - 8996471336900
The kickplate is located at the front base of your dryer, this support holds it securely in place.
Part number : 8996471336900
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