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Filters for Zanussi Tumble Dryers

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Tumble Dryer Fluff Filter - 1123553107
This plastic frame with a fine plastic mesh filter will stop fluff getting into the condenser in your tumble dryer.
Part number : 1123553107
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Dryer Fluff Filter Base Seal - 1123518001
This is the replacement gasket for the fluff filter in the base of your tumble dryer.
Part number : 1123518001
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Tumble Dryer Lint Filter - 1254246208
The filters in your tumble dryer are used to collect any excess lint that may come off of your clothes whilst drying. A split part could ...
Part number : 1254246208
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Tumble Dryer Fluff Filter Right Hand Drawer Spring - 1123543017
Is the drawer that the fluff filter fits in loose, and not staying shut properly? Then it sounds like one of the springs has broken; fort...
Part number : 1123543017
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Tumble Dryer Fluff Filter Left Hand Spring - 1123543116
This is the spring that's located on the fluff filter holder in your tumble dryer. It ensure it stays in place properly and doesn't sprin...
Part number : 1123543116
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Tumble Dryer Fluff Filter Sliding Piece - 1123547000
This piece if found on the side of your dryer's fluff filter drawer. On most models, it is also attached to a spring, which is sold separ...
Part number : 1123547000
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Tumble Dryer Air Intake Fluff Filter - 1123226019
This filter is located along the bottom of the entrance to the drum and catches bits of lint and fluff. Over time, the filter may become ...
Part number : 1123226019
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Tumble Dryer Fluff and Lint Filter - 2138231002
The lint filter catches bits of fluff and other objects, to prevent blockages and possible leaks in your tumble dryer. Over time, the fil...
Part number : 2138231002
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Tumble Dryer Door Sieve - 8996470698524
The sieves in your tumble dryer assist with collecting debris and lint during the drying process. It's an important part to ensure the fi...
Part number : 8996470698524
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Tumble Dryer Complete Fluff Filter - 1366671020
This filter collects fluff which accumulates during the drying process. The filter should be cleaned at the end of each programme and can...
Part number : 1366671020
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Lower Tumble Dryer Filter Assembly - 1253013013
This is the lower curved filter in near the door section of your tumble dryer. It collect excess lint and fluff and prevents your dryer f...
Part number : 1253013013
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Tumble Dryer Fluff Filter - 506000282000
This fluff filter is responsible for catching pieces of fluff and other objects to prevent blockages and leaks inside your tumble dryer. ...
Part number : 506000282000
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Dryer Air Intake Felt Filter - 1254242405
The air intake filter cleans incoming air into the dryer. The filter is crescent shaped and fits into niche in the bottom inner door trim...
Part number : 1254242405
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Tumble Dryer Drain Sump Strainer - 1360217002
This part can be found in the lower left hand side drawer, behind the hinged flap on the kickplate of your tumble dryer. It filters out s...
Part number : 1360217002
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Tumble Dryer Rectangular Filter Seal - 1366345005
If the seal that surrounds the rectangular filter in your dryer has worn down or split, this replacement part is perfect for you.
Part number : 1366345005
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Tumble Dryer Capillary Filter Assembly - 1360504003
If the electrical capillary filter that fits in the top right of your tumble dryer has become faulty, and is no longer functioning as it ...
Part number : 1360504003
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Grey Tumble Dryer Basement Lint Filter - 1366344032
This grey lint filter is located at the basement of your tumble dryer and is responsible for collecting excess pieces of lint that may be...
Part number : 1366344032
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Tumble Dryer Fluff Filter - 1366019014
The lint filter is designed to catch any stray bits of fluff that may enter the condenser. If your filter is damaged then it could cause ...
Part number : 1366019014
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Upper Tumble Dryer Filter - 1253005019
This filter can be found at the front of the drum in your tumble dryer. It filters out fluff from the air that is circulating around the ...
Part number : 1253005019
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Tumble Dryer Filter Seal - 1366061008
This gasket ensures the fluff filter fits snuggly into your tumble dryer.
Part number : 1366061008
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