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Hoses & Pipes for Zanussi Tumble Dryers

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3m Tumble Dryer Flexible Vent Hose - 50279639004
Vent hoses allow steam to escape your tumble dryer either by attaching the hose to an outside vent, or hanging it out of a window. This f...
Part number : 50279639004
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Tumble Dryer Vent Ring Nut - 1250091004
This ring nut is for securely attaching the vent hose to your tumble dryer, allowing the hot damp air to be expelled either by attaching ...
Part number : 1250091004
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Tumble Dryer Air Channel Hose - 1506089000
If you're looking for a new air channel to valve tank hose for your tumble dryer then this is the spare for you.
Part number : 1506089000
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Tumble Dryer Float Hose - 1506089018
This is the small rubber hose that connects to the float in the lower part of your tumble dryer. Having split hoses can cause unnecessary...
Part number : 1506089018
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Tumble Dryer Small Bent Hose - 1506110004
This small black hose bend fits internally at the bottom of your machine. If you've noticed a split in yours, this is likely to be the re...
Part number : 1506110004
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Tumble Dryer Drain Hose Clamp - 1251193007
This clamp is an accessory for keeping your drain hose securely held on to the back of the machine.
Part number : 1251193007
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Dryer Fixing Clamp Tube - 1256672203
This replacement dryer fixing clamp tube is 13.3mm in diameter.
Part number : 1256672203
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Tumble Dryer 'Cross Roads' Hose - 1256853001
This is the double 'cross roads' hose that attaches to the steamer tank in your tumble dryer. If you've noticed yours has split, then it ...
Part number : 1256853001
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Tumble Dryer Water Condensation Inlet Hose - 1257924017
Any holes or cracks in your water condensation inlet hose can allow water leakages inside your tumble dryer. Luckily, this part is replac...
Part number : 1257924017
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Tumble Dryer Water Tank Hose - 1258633104
A split or crack in the water tank hose, could mean that leaks and further damage are occurring in your tumble dryer. Replace a damaged h...
Part number : 1258633104
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Tumble Dryer Pump to Tank Hose - 705mm - 1258633203
If your condenser dryer tank isn't draining properly, or there's leaks going into harmful places in the machine, it sounds like a problem...
Part number : 1258633203
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Tumble Dryer Feeder Hose - L: 1030mm - 1258633419
This is the replacement feeder hose for the heat exchanger in your condenser dryer. It's a perfect replacement if yours is split or block...
Part number : 1258633419
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Tumble Dryer Water Tank Red Connecting Hose - 1258633708
This is the red tube that connects on to the water condensation tank. If yours has split, this replacement is the perfect spare.
Part number : 1258633708
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Tumble Dryer Vent Hose Kit - 1258854007
This hose kits allows you to vent steam from your tumble dryer into the outside world. If your current hose is damaged or missing, it is ...
Part number : 1258854007
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Condensation Feeder Hose - 1123216002
This feed pipe is for the heat exchanger in your condenser dryer.
Part number : 1123216002
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Tumble Dryer Condensation Drain Hose - 1123217000
A cracked hose can mean water leaks into the electrical components of your tumble dryer, causing it to malfunction. This replacement drai...
Part number : 1123217000
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Dryer Connection Cup Drain Hose - 1123434001
This drain hose joins onto the connector cup and allows collected condensation to drain away.
Part number : 1123434001
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Tumble Dryer Wall Duct Kit - 6000216009
If you've noticed condensation building up in your tumble dryer due to a damaged or blocked vent, then this replacement kit is likely per...
Part number : 6000216009
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Condenser Dryer Drain Kit - 9029793388
This handy kit is designed to empty water from your condenser dryer, by draining it directly into a sink, U-bend or drain. You will no lo...
Part number : 9029793388
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Tumble Dryer Pump Tank Hose - L: 1130mm - 1366055117
Any splits or blockages in your tumble dryers hose will affect the water pressure and may cause harmful leaks; fortunately spares are ava...
Part number : 1366055117
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