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Whether it's a faulty pump or a door seal that needs replacing, find all the spare parts and accessories that you might need for your Zanussi washing machine to get it performing again.

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So why buy from us?

By buying directly from us, the manufacturer, you can be confident you're getting quality, genuine, Zanussi parts at prices that are hard to beat. If you want the best for your oven or cooker don't be tempted to buy lower quality 'pattern' copies - they won't last as long, they may not fit properly and they may even cause further damage to your cooker later on down the line.

All of the replacement spare parts that we supply are of at least as good quality as the original ones that came with your appliance on the day you bought it.

On many occasions they may even have been improved upon, helping to keep things hassle-free in the future.

What part do you need? Watch our video:

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Washing Machine Drain Pump - 1105374027
If the water is not draining from your washing machine then the likely culprit is the drain pump.
Part number : 1105374027
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Washing Machine Outer Door Frame - 1108252006
If your washing machine door trim breaks, you don’t always need to buy a complete door as a replacement. This outer door frame is made of...
Part number : 1108252006
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Washing Machine Log Catch - 1108256015
This is a simple replacement of a damaged washing machine door catch. The catch is required to keep the door shut firmly during the washi...
Part number : 1108256015
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Water Inlet Compartment Hose Bend - 1108513001
This is a black rubber connection hose for your washing machine.
Part number : 1108513001
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Washing Machine Tub Seal - 1240159036
This gasket creates a seal between the two halves of the tub in your washing machine. The tub is a watertight shell, so a damaged or peri...
Part number : 1240159036
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Washing Machine Magnet Washer - 1242393005
This washer is for the magnet that holds the cupboard door closed on your built-in washing machine.
Part number : 1242393005
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Washing Machine Door Integrated Hinge - 1245378003
Integrated kitchens can be a visual delight but when the wooden panel falls off your washing machine, exposing the appliance, the look ca...
Part number : 1245378003
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Washing Machine Filter Seal - 1260616014
If there is water leaking from the filter cover on your washing machine, it is probably due to a damaged or perished filter seal. Luckily...
Part number : 1260616014
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Washing Machine Rubber Door Seal - 1321064006
A worn or torn door gasket could allow water to leak out of the machine, ruining both your wash and your floor. Replacing a washing machi...
Part number : 1321064006
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Washing Machine Pump Filter - 1321368118
Washing machine filters stop fluff from clogging up the pump and pipes, causing drainage problems. Replacing a damaged filter couldn’t be...
Part number : 1321368118
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Integrated Washing Machine Door Fitting Kit - 3360000446
This fixing kit is for attaching a cabinet/décor door onto an integrated washing machine.
Part number : 3360000446
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Washing Machine Door Interlock - 3792030425
This replacement door safety interlock sits behind the door catch in the washing machine cabinet. It is an electronic part and if it beco...
Part number : 3792030425
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Temperature Probe - 3792171021
This is replacement temperature probe fits many of our dishwashers, tumble dryers and washing machines.
Part number : 3792171021
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Washing Machine Inlet Hose Assembly - 3792785028
If your old inlet hose is either blocked or leaking, you can simply replace it with this high quality water inlet hose.
Part number : 3792785028
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Washing Machine Door Lock - 1240349017
The lock tells the machine when it is safe to allow the door to open and close. If your washing machine is refusing to start a new cycle,...
Part number : 1240349017
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Washing Machine Bearing - 1240463008
If your washing machine is rumbling, the main suspect is usually the drum bearing. This replacement bearing has the following measurement...
Part number : 1240463008
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Washing Machine Timer Programmer Knob Inner - 1247821018
This is the inner part of the timer programmer knob, the knob cover and programme indicator are sold separately.
Part number : 1247821018
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Washing Machine Carbon Brush - 4006020343
Carbon brushes are designed to wear down as they are in constant contact with the moving part of the motor. When they do wear down it can...
Part number : 4006020343
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