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Feet & Housing for Zanussi Washing Machines

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Washing Machine Rear Door Frame - 1240120145
A cracked or loose door frame can cause all other parts of your washing machine door to fall loose. Fortunately, the rear door frame is r...
Part number : 1240120145
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Washing Machine Barrel Ring - 1240178002
This replacement barrel ring attaches to the shaft of the drum spider, which is attached to the back of your washing machine drum.
Part number : 1240178002
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Washer Dryer Ventilator Assembly - 1240519403
The ventilator is for the dryer function in your washer dryer. If yours is no longer working, warm air will not be blown into the drum an...
Part number : 1240519403
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Washing Machine Door Spring - 1240673002
This spring sits in the door stopper on your washing machine. If yours is damaged, it is best to replace it.
Part number : 1240673002
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Washing Machine Foot Fixing Ring Nut - 1246210007
If one of the support feet on your washing machine has become loose but is undamaged, you may have a problem with your fixing ring nut. F...
Part number : 1246210007
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Washing Machine Drum Cover Spring - 1461736009
This spring helps to hold the drum cover on to the drum and ensure a smooth movement when opening. If yours has rusted or broken, it will...
Part number : 1461736009
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Washing Machine Rear Counterweight - 1260519507
This 4.5kg counterweight is located at the rear of your washing machine drum and is used to balance the machine and reduce vibrations and...
Part number : 1260519507
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Washing Machine Door Bolt - 1051143012
This K5x16 Torx bolt is positioned on the door of your washing machine, keeping the inner and outer sections bonded together.
Part number : 1051143012
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Washing Machine Pulley M10x25 Bolt - 1051190005
The drum pulley is located at the back of your washing machine, this bolt attaches it to the spindle of the drum.
Part number : 1051190005
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Top Loading Washing Machine Control Panel - 1081739029
A cracked or broken control panel can look unsightly and may prevent you from operating the settings in your top loading washing machine....
Part number : 1081739029
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Washing Machine Control Panel Fascia - 1081742023
Keep your washing machine looking its best with this replacement control panel fascia.
Part number : 1081742023
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Top Loading Washing Machine Control Panel - 1081877043
Part number : 1081877043
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Washing Machine Control Panel - 1081988048
Scratched, discoloured and tarnished control panels can make your washer look old and worn. Fortunately for you, replacements have been m...
Part number : 1081988048
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Washing Machine Base Door - 1108265008
This is a door for the base panel, located at the very bottom of your washing machine. The base door gives you access to the drain pump a...
Part number : 1108265008
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Washing Machine Foot Spanner - 1108657006
This spanner allows you to adjust the feet on your washing machine, to ensure it is level and stable.
Part number : 1108657006
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Washing Machine Door Handle Pin - 1108747005
A broken door catch pin can make it tricky, if not impossible, to open and close the door on your washing machine. Luckily they are repla...
Part number : 1108747005
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Washer Dyer Ventilator - 1320709031
A malfunctioning ventilator assembly can prevent your washer dryer from drying your clothes properly. Luckily, this part is replaceable a...
Part number : 1320709031
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Washing Machine Foot Assembly - 1321364018
If the legs of a table are not even, the table rocks. The same goes for your washing machine. Ensure your washing machine is level and st...
Part number : 1321364018
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Washing Machine Shock Absorber - 1321927517
The suspension legs in your washing machine attach the tub to the chassis of the machine and absorb shock as the drum is spinning. Worn o...
Part number : 1321927517
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Washing Machine Shock Absorber - 1322553114
The tub of your washing machine is stabilised by shock absorbers, located at the bottom of the tub. If your washing machine is not as sta...
Part number : 1322553114
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