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Gemline Grill

For professional-style grilling with the Modular Induction Hob, the Gem Grill provides an extra-large surface with a long lasting, triple layer Swiss quality non-stick coating, for healthy cooking with little or no added fat.
  • Extra thick base for excellent heat distribution and retention
  • Easy clean non-stick surface
  • Non-slip silicone profiles keep securely in place
Zanussi Gemline Grill Zanussi Gemline Grill


Zanussi Infinite Plancha Grill Zanussi Infinite Plancha Grill

Infinite Plancha Grill

Extra-large Plancha grill for induction hobs with Electrolux bridge-mode where two zones are linked to create a larger area. Sturdy cast aluminium with long-lasting, triple-layer Swiss quality non-stick coating.
  • Non-stick for healthy grilling, sautéing or browning with no added fat
  • Extra thick base keeps food warm
  • Can be taken to the table for serving



Infinite Wok Set

The sculptural Infinite Wok, brings the clean, energy-efficient sophistication of induction technology to wok cooking. The ingenious support means the chef can use natural movements to stir fry, while induction heats the wok faster than traditional gas. And it's beautiful, too.
  • Stunning, functional design
  • Intense, responsive heat puts you in control
  • Perfect for braising and simmering too
Zanussi Infinite Wok Set Zanussi Infinite Wok Set


Zanussi Deluxe Steaming Set Zanussi Deluxe Steaming Set

Deluxe Steaming Set

Made for professional chefs, this high quality stainless steel steamware kit allows steam to circulate around the food for fast, even cooking. A range of sizes accommodates meat, fish, rice and vegetables, and the smallest pan has a lid for sauces and rewarming.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Precision made in Germany
  • High quality stainless steel



Pizza Stone Set

Convert your cooker into a stone pizza oven with this kit and get perfectly crispy pizza every time. Works equally well with home made and store bought pizza. Can also be used to bake pastries and bread.
Kit includes:
  • Refractory slab measuring 33cm x 38cm 1.5cm
  • Wooden slide in board
  • Recipe booklet
Zanussi Pizza Stone Set Zanussi Pizza Stone Set

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